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*Classes will take a morning recess or P.E. between 9:00 – 10:30

*They will all have time during Lunch and Lunch Activity 11:21 – 12:04

*All classes will take an afternoon recess or P.E., with 3rd grade taking an additional break during mid-afternoon to break up the time between 12:50 – 3:05.
*Pre-K will take multiple break between 8:00 -11:00 and 12:00 – 3:00

Junior High:

*All classes will take 5 minute breaks outside during both Study Hall and Tutorial periods throughout the day.  During P.E. and Lunch times students will have masks off the majority of the time.

*During 3rd hour Band students will also have mask breaks.

*7th Grade will take a 5 minute mask break during 8th period to break up the longer afternoon stretch.

High School:

*All students will have P.E. 1st or 2nd hour and then every hour students will begin with the first 2-3 minutes of class mask break.

*They also have their lunch period from 12:07 – 12:50.

All students have the opportunity to have a water bottle and are able to take their mask down for a drink or a few seconds of a mask break.


Clay City CUSD #10 Return to School Plan

Clay City CUSD #10 will follow the Governor’s Executive Order 2021-18, requiring that “ All students, staff, and visitors wear masks indoors in all P-12 schools in Illinois”.  This document outlines how the district will comply with these guidelines and clarifies the daily routine under them. In regards to masks for the FY 22 school year, the district will require, the use of masks, as outlined by the Illinois Department of Public Health. As per Illinois State Board of Education guidance the daily schedule for students will return to our regular schedule. Students can enter the building at 7:45 for breakfast. The school day will be 8:10 – 3:10. Remote learning will not be an option, unless required by the Illinois State Board of Education. Clay City CUSD #10 strategies in this plan may be added or removed based upon local conditions, levels of community transmission (i.e. low, moderate, substantial, or high), local vaccine coverage, use of screening testing to detect cases in K-12 schools, and consultation with local public health officials to determine the prevention strategies needed. Data will be reviewed each month by the board of education to determine if changes can be made to lessen the mitigation strategies required at this time. School officials will communicate any changes in plans to staff members, students, and parents through the district’s regular modes of communication.

Steps to protect students and staff:

“As you know, Executive Order 2021-18, which went into effect last Wednesday, Aug. 4, requires that all students, staff, and visitors wear masks indoors in all P-12 schools in Illinois. Governor Pritzker took this action after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended it. The purpose of the universal indoor masking requirement is to ensure all students can safely attend school in-person this fall. We know that consistent and correct mask use is the simplest, most effective way to keep students safely in school, where they can learn and grow to their fullest potential. Masks work best when everyone wears one. Research conducted by the CDC found that schools are safe when they have prevention strategies in place, as documented in the updated guidance from ISBE and IDPH.” (ISBE.net, https://www.isbe.net/Documents/Enforcement-Universal-Indoor-Masking-Requirement.pdf)

Clay City CUSD #10 will work closely with the Clay County Health Department to remain up to date with recommended procedures and practices to maintain a safe environment for our students, faculty, and staff. This plan can be amended based upon current data and trends to meet the standards of protection recommended by the Clay County Health Department (CCHD). We will continue to collaborate and consult with CCHD officials on various logistics, quarantines, school health and safety protocols, screening testing, contact tracing, vaccine clinics, and emergency school closings. We will base our decisions upon analysis of our school data and county metrics at the current time. Maintaining preventative measures in the school setting will also be an important factor in our decision making.

COVID killing ion generators will be installed that are equipped for the coordination and monitoring of the generators for each classroom in the district. 

Everyone should be respectful of peoples’ varying levels of vaccine confidence.

Those who want to get vaccinated against COVID-19 can contact the Clay County Health Department to find out where they can get vaccinated in the local area. 

Monitoring students and staff:

Any student, faculty, or staff should stay home when experiencing signs of infectious illness. Healthcare providers should be consulted for care and testing. Clay County Health Department (CCHD) continues to provide testing. 

Individuals that test positive must meet all the requirements of the quarantine and check in with the school nurse prior to returning to school.    

Contact tracing and isolation will be done by the Health Department in cooperation with Clay City CUSD#10. 

Community transmission, vaccine coverage, screening, testing and outbreak occurrences will be continuously monitored by CCHD and will guide decisions on layered prevention strategies.

Hygiene practices for students and staff: 

Teach and reinforce washing hands, using hand sanitizer and covering coughs and sneezes among students and staff. (First week a daily practice)

Purchase adequate supplies and carefully monitor inventory to support healthy hygiene behaviors including soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, tissue, etc. 

Cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting procedures: 

Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects within school and on school buses at least daily, including door handles, sink handles, and drinking fountains (students encouraged to have water bottles).

All classrooms will have hand sanitizer available for student use as needed. K-8 classrooms have sinks available for students to wash hands with soap and water if needed.  


Distances between student desks/seating will be established to the maximum extent feasible and appropriate as recommended by ISBE guidance.  .

Create one-way traffic patterns in hallways.

Lockers can be used, but for single child only.

Social Distancing for Younger Students/Early Childhood

Arrange furniture and play spaces to meet social distancing requirements when possible.

Utilize carpet squares, mats, trays or other visuals for spacing.

Model social distancing and proper hygiene practices to the students. 

Assessing Students’ Skill Levels/Addressing Learning Loss

Assessment of students will be conducted at the beginning of the school year to inform teachers of current students’ achievement and needs. (AIMSWeb benchmarking)

Targeted interventions and differentiated instruction will be used to help individual students reach their learning goals.

Prioritize a strong review and infusion of the critical standards and key skills that were not addressed or mastered from the previous year during the first several weeks of the school year. 

Music Related Courses/Band

Social distancing should be observed in the classroom. 

Instruments should not be shared at any time.

Physical Education

Locker rooms and dressing for PE will be reinstated. Students will follow social distance as appropriate. 

Traffic Flow, Hallways, and Lockers

Hallways will follow a one way traffic pattern per side.  

Hallways will have marked one way paths.

Drinking Fountains

Water bottle filling stations will be available for students. Students should bring their own water bottles. 


Students will maintain social distance while in the cafeteria and in the lunch line. 

Avoid the sharing of food and utensils.

All food preparation surfaces, tables, common surfaces, etc. will be sanitized before and after each use.

Processes for identifying and restricting non-essential visitors and volunteers:

Visitors will be allowed to visit the building for approved classroom activities, i.e. Ag in the Classroom, Organ Wise, FCA, and approved presentations. Visitors will be required to wear masks while in the building.

Hand sanitizer should be readily available for visitors to use upon entry.

Transportation / Buses

Masks are required to be worn on all public transportation by the driver and passengers under the current guidelines from CDC/IDPH/ ISBE. A driver does not need to wear a mask if they are the only person on the bus. 

Buses will be cleaned and disinfected after each route. (Using the cleaning machines)

Driver Education behind the wheel time will follow this guidance, masks are required in the vehicle. 

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities will resume following all IHSA, IESA, IDPH, and ISBE guidelines for participants and spectators. 

 Locker rooms will be used by students, athletes, and teams following the same guidelines. 

School/District Events

Clay City CUSD#10 will follow all IDPH and ISBE guidelines when hosting events that allow community members to attend. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all stakeholders who enter our doors in support of our students. 




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Outside wifi access is working and you can park in front of the high school or in the main parking lot for access. It is titled CCOutside and there is no password. If anyone needs internet access, it is available around the clock. Firewall protection is enabled and school appropriate filtering is in place.


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